Web Portal Development

Connect with Your Key Audiences

Strategic web portals don’t just bridge information systems; they bridge organizations and connect people. Our team enables organizations to engage key stakeholders by giving them controlled access to an internal application or system through web portal development.

Enhance Communication

A web portal improves B2B and business-to-employee relationships, facilitating two-way communication. Portals are often tailored to users in the field and partner businesses, resulting in new communication paths and collaboration opportunities.

These solutions usually expose just a subset of functionality from the source systems and offer the added convenience and flexibility of web browser delivery. Consider a partner dashboard — authenticated partners can both look up information within the web portal and submit their own information for your business. Imagine the untapped opportunities to collaborate in your business.

A web portal involves an integration between two systems but is typically meant for a specific type of partner role, such as vendors, sales reps, or other existing business relationships. In some cases, the application serves as a form of two-way communication. Consider a registration process — authenticated users can both look up information within the web portal and submit their own information to the business.

Web portal development is often tailored for the users out in the field or in partner businesses. In our experience, there can be a larger number of web portal users than internal users. These users often need only a subset of all the broader system and benefit from the convenience of a web browser. If users need to access or submit information, a web portal is a very flexible and efficient solution to facilitate this.

There is no limit to what we can build.

Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

Save time and avoid costly mistakes associated with manual processing of information or outdated information, and drive data integration in your business. Then improve efficiency and information accuracy by eliminating manual processing of user-submitted forms.

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